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Data Privacy Law - Policy and Legal Challenges 20 nov 2015 - Oxford - GB

Conférence / Groupe Cyber, Data, Nano-bio, AI, International

Le 4 novembre 2015

Digital technology is about to instigate a genuine revolution in our modern society. The amount of available information increases every single day, as well as the digital fingerprints we leave each time we switch on any connected device. The recording, warehousing and analyzing capacities of our digital age continue to grow, and at the same time the expected or unexpected applications of this information have completely changed the way we think, act, and live. In the age of “Big Data”, transformations of society have come from technique, not from the law. In fact, the law follows technique, and most of the time it is late.

The purpose of this conference is to try to make up on the time lost by drawing a panoramic legal analysis of Big Data emergence in the field of private international law. In this particular area, a wide range of specific issues need to be investigated. For instance, is there a legal regime of mass data collection? Can a company avoid the privacy law of a State by playing on the international dimension of the Internet in order to get access to personal data of its citizens? Is there a human right to encryption, anonymity or invisibility? Are correlations between the individual facts emerging from Big Data legally effective against individuals in law as a matter in principle, and particularly in Court? Is there a human right to act differently from algorithmic predictions? Is Big Data an intrusion into individuals’ privacy?

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Le 4 novembre 2015

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